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About Service

Barmaram has recognized the unharnessed potential in the agricultural sector. Thus, the company seeks to realize a richer; more harmonized human society through agriculture. The evolution of a mechanized civilization has allowed human beings to acquire an abundance of commodities. At the same me, however, new problems have emerged, including food issues, resource issues, environmental conservation, and an aging society. Finding solutions to these problems is a matter of great urgency. We would like to discover the harmony between nature, human, and machines with our creativity to contribute to the creation of a prosperous new age. 

As such, Barmaram has a division that specializes in the purchase and sale of new and pre-owned agricultural machinery. The company operates in the sale of agricultural machinery, spare parts, onsite after-sale service, project planning, technical training, cultivation consultancy, and the setting up of trial fields in Nigeria. We can offer you a wide range of machinery, advise and deliver an independent, reliable, and qualitative solution. From the moment of preparing the soil till the post-harvest time we investigate the possibilities based upon your budget. 

Thanks to an expanding network we get involved in several projects. Together with a renowned forwarder/shipping agent, we send used and new agricultural equipment to every place in the world. Once in place it is even possible to get training on-the-job for your personnel. 

Abuja –

Plot 366, Kado – 3, Abuja Nigeria

Borno –

No 207 Kashim Ibrahim Way Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria