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About Service

Barmaram has extensive knowledge in the field of borehole drilling and understands the requirements of specific customers as well as projects. The company has been involved in a number of projects involving evaluation, baseline studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, project design, and proposal development, community need assessment etc. Currently, the company employs four drillers and two assistants with experience in drilling and maintenance of the machines. The company has established an exceptional reputation as a provider of quality service. All our works meet local and international standards. We seek to become the borehole driller of choice for customer who demands professional services 

Our focus is on the provision of cutting-edge of management and governance thinking underpinned by follow-up support for our clients (Govt., NGOs, Multilateral and Bilateral organizations) and their target groups at all levels. We know that improving the performance of service-delivering institutions, economic actors, and the community at large so that the quality of people’s lives changes, requires sustainable development, and this is impossible without the participation of the communities we are trying to support and the flexibility on our part to adapt to different cultures, environments and circumstances. Our experts bring authoritative technical expertise in helping to devise and to bring to life practical development programs 

We have a sound background and expertise in the areas of Borehole drilling, Borehole design, Groundwork, Borehole pump equipping, Borehole rehabilitation, Water treatment, Pump testing, and installation. The guiding philosophy and focus behind our drilling services is to provide a hygienic water supply and improve sanitation to diminish the negative impact on health as well as boosting the rural economy without harming the environment. 

Barmaram is dedicated to providing clients with personalized service, unmatched in the drilling industry. We guarantee to meet the demands of your project in a timely, cost-effective manner while upholding our standard of superiority. We strive to maintain a professional work setting in which integrity, excellence, and safety is maintained. 

Abuja –

Plot 366, Kado – 3, Abuja Nigeria

Borno –

No 207 Kashim Ibrahim Way Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria